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Government vocab

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A. general election
B. propaganda
C. conventions
D. open primary
E. soundbite
F. interest group
G. trade union
H. grassroots
I. closed primary
J. public policy
K. nomination
L. run-off primary
M. lobbying
N. blanket primary
O. mandate

1.The ____________________ only allows party members to vote on who they want as their one candidate running for any particular office in the general election.

2.After the primary elections are done, a _____________________ is held in November.

3.The _________________ allows all voters to choose the candidate nominees for BOTH parties to advance to the general election.

4.Occasionally political parties save money by nominating candidates for office through ____________________ instead of public voting.

5.Interest groups try to persuade public officials to support their cause through a tactic known as ______________, in which they use persuasive messages to pressure a public official to endorse a certain policy.

6.News media sources often give you quick _________________ about candidates running for office, but this doesn't allow the common person enough information to make an informed decision as to whether to vote for them.

7.A(n) _________________ is held if no candidate receives the majority in the initial primary, so another primary is held to determine a winner amongst the top two or three contenders.

8.The main goal of an interest group is to change _________________, or all those things a government decides to do.
9.___________________, or the naming of those who will seek office, should be a democratic process.

10.Many interest groups or causes develop out a(n) _______________ effort, meaning everyday, common citizens begin the fight for a particular cause.

11.A(n) ______________ is type of interest group that fights for better employee wages, benefits, and working conditions.

12.There are weaknesses to measuring public opinion via a(n) ________________, or an election result, due to the fact that many Americans do not vote.

13.A(n) _________________ is an organization that emerges to fight for a cause then promote the values & preferences of its members.

14.Interest groups like to use a tactic known as __________________ to win over the public and encourage them to support some sort of action when it comes to that group's agenda.

15.The ___________________ allows all voters to pick one party in which they want to vote, then choose the one candidate (voters choose whether to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primaries).

My answers were...IADJMELOKHGCFBN...I know 5 are wrong but can you please tell me which ones are right.

  • Government vocab -

    Please number your answers.

    Which 5 do you think are wrong?

  • Government vocab -

    3;5;8;;;9 ;12

    you missed

  • Government vocab -

    1.i 2.a 3.d 4.j 5.m 6.e 7.l 8.o 9.k 10.h 11.g 12.c 13.f 14.b 15.n

    I'm not sure on numbers 3,4,7,8,10,12,13

  • Government vocab -

    I think these are wrong:

    3, 4, 6, 8, 12

  • Government vocab -

    6 is correct

  • Government vocab -

    Yes, Sorry, 6 is correct.

    Then 15 is wrong.

  • Government vocab -

    3.n 4.c 8.j 12.o 15.d

  • Government vocab -

    I agree with all of your answers now! :-)

  • Government vocab -

    Thank you!!

  • Government vocab -

    You're welcome.

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