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A. Westside v. Mergens
B. Texas v. Johnson
C. Roe v. Wade
D. Bethel v. Fraser
E. Dennis v. U.S.
F. Lemon v. Kurtzman
G. Wallace v. Jaffree

1.Established that a woman's reproductive right is guaranteed as part of the right to privacy; set the precedent for all abortion cases argued before the courts, making government regulation of abortions within the first trimester of pregnancy illegal.

2.Found that schools must allow religious groups the same opportunities as other groups when schools operate broad-based extracurricular programs; the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the student who wanted to organize a Christian group within the school.

3.Proved that even symbolic speech such as burning the US flag is protected under the 1st Amendment's right to free speech; found the Texas statute which prohibited the desecration of the US flag to be unconstitutional.

4.Struck down series of Alabama statutes which encouraged "voluntary" prayer/meditation in schools since it violated the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment; found all related Alabama statutes unconstitutional.

5.Established a three-part test for determining whether the separation of church and state has been violated when it overturned a Pennsylvania statute that allowed a school superintendent to purchase supplies and services from a parochial school.

6.Upheld the school corporation's right to discipline "lewd or obscene" language of its students in order to promote a positive learning environment; establishing schools' authority to limit free speech to some extent.

7.I'm the answer to Dennis v. U.S....which upheld the Smith Act, allowing the government to arrest members of the Communist Party based on the idea of a clear and probable danger.

my answers are...CFBGADE


    I think 2 and 5 are wrong. Please check your text.


    2.a...3part test

    5.f... to allow schools to form religious groups.

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