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An object carries a charge of -8.0 ìC, while another carries a charge of -2.0 ìC. How many electrons must be transferred from the first object to the second so that both objects have the same charge?

Qavg = (object 1 + object 2)/2
Qavg= -5ìC
Object 2- Qavg = 3ìC
3E-6 C/1.6E-19 C = 1.875E13 electrons

Did I do this right?

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    Those "i" things before the "C" were supposed to be micro for microcoulombs

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    (-2.0 μC+Ne = -8.0 μC-Ne)
    2Ne= 6E-6
    Ne= 3E-6
    N= q/e =3E-6/1.6E-19
    N= 1.9E13 electrons

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