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English 3

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1.) Identify the main clause in the sentence below. Then decide if the subordinate clause is used as noun, adjective, or adverb.

The clams, which he ate, were still fresh.

Main Clause: which he ate

Subordinate clause type: Adjective

2.)Identify the subordinate clause and tell if it is used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. Click on the blue box until the correct answer appears.

Roman was an orphan who had barely survived in a war camp.

Subordinate clause: who had barely survived in a war camp

Subordinate clause type: adjective

  • English 3 -

    1. is wrong. 2. is correct

  • English 3 -

    Identify the word which the italicized adjective clause modifies.

    The deer, which come to the salt lick, stay all summer.


    salt lick


  • English 3 -

    your mom

  • English 3 -


  • English 3 -

    roses are red minions are blue they will come for you and will crush you

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