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A radiator is to be protected against freezing to -20f. Calculate the volume of C2H4(OH)2 ethylene glycol per liter of water. Density of glycol is 1.11 g/ml

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    Is that -20 F? Convert to C. I get approximately -29 but you need to confirm that more accurately.
    delta T = Kf*m
    -29 = 1.86*m
    Solve for m = about 15.
    m = 15 mol/kg solvent
    1 L has a mass of 1 kg; therefore, we need 15 mol ethylene glycol.
    g ethylene glycol = mols x molar mass = 15 x about 62 g/mol = about 950 g ethylene glycol. Convert that to mL using the density of ethylene glycol.

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