Medium Speed wet milling machine and the relations

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So far, the world's medium-speed milling machines are dry law. Hot air carrier that is, separation, sorting products. Therefore in need of a massive and complicated: medium heat generator, fans, vents Central, separator , explosion-proof system (inert gas source), dedusting system, sealing measures and it is difficult to adapt to the high moisture materials, a fine-grained access-class products in the high temperature operating equipment damage and fast, and the situation difficult to control; complete machine too tall. principle but because of movement determined by the grinding efficiency, and in electricity, the cement industry in the milling system is widely used, but no First, wet operations. Therefore, the principle of movement determined by the grinding efficiency has not been fully exploited.

2 and the Mill Although conventional campaign decided by the principle of grinding mill less than the speed, but the wet process is significantly higher than that of dry. Normally, the same conditions wet process Bian Process 30% energy saving.
Because wet (water) by grinding effect, and water is the simplest, cheapest, "aids." Its will to a large extent influence the fragmentation of materials. Adsorbing water because of the solid surface (the activity of a molecule), the surface free energy and the elastic deformation can be reduced, resulting in the weakening bond together to promote and accelerate the materials crack formation and expansion, the reduction of the strength of the materials -- -- This is the famous "out Binchaer effect."
The result: Wet operations for the period to achieve fineness, it can improve product yield, or yield to achieve period, the fracture particles can promote products mill will be more detailed.

3 envisaged, if the mill rate to avoid the disadvantages, while retaining the principle of movement in the rate decisions of the mill grinding efficiency at the same time allow a Wet Ball Mill with water transmission and other election materials and the simplicity of the wet efficient. designed to speed in the wet mill. its effect should be complementary. be wet grinding technology to meet a variety of needs: FGD desulfurization agents such as power plants, coal slurry preparation; while achieving energy conservation, efficiency, energy, environmental protection simple, reliable, the purpose of applicability stronger. This is the speed in the wet grinding birth of the technical background. Get Mineral Processing,rotary kiln,ball mill

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