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I'm creating is HUGE book series. Can you check to see if the blurb is good.

The series follows the journey of a teenage girl who is determined to have best year ever in the 8th grade and to have the best 4 year experience in high school.

Please make sure if they any grammar errors. If you have any ideas of making it better I'm ok with it.

Thank You! :)

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    It looks good, but I'd say,

    "have the best year . . ."

    "best four-year experience . . ."

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    that's good


    I just add a few more sentences in the blurb.

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    The series follows the journey of a teenage girl who is determined to have best year in the 8th grade and to have the best four-year experience in high school.
    As you read throughout the series you'll get to understand the real truth about teenage life, can relate the problems and things she been through, experiences you can relate, advice to make good decisions in life and to remember your experiences during your teen years! :)

    is that good??
    is there any grammar errors??

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    You ignored my advice for adding "the."

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    Have you written this series or even one book yet? Blurbs are usually written after a book is written.

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    Oh ok.

    I didn't ignore your adivce I must of been a typo or maybe I erase it by mistake.

    I didn't write the book yet. It's a lot to explain. I only wrote the blurb because that's what this whole series mainly about but I may change it after I write the book.

    Thanks anyway for editing it! :) :) :)

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    You're welcome.

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    Lauren: Please practice spelling grammar correctly. http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/grammar.html

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    here its good but u must write through where u wrote throughout . And it's nice

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