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Math Gr12 Advanced Functions

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I am stuck on this one part of this question:
The function S(d)=93(logd)+65 relates the speed of the wind S, in miles per hours, near the centre of a tornado to the distance that the tornado travels,d,in miles. If a tornado has sustained winds of about 250 mph, estimate the distance it can travel.
I do this :
250= 93logd +65
185/93= logd
logd= 0.989247312
I don't know what to do after that because I cannot divide anything by log. Or is there some other way I should be doing this?

  • Math Gr12 Advanced Functions -

    You have to take the inverse of log, that is ...

    what number d you you need, so that log d = .989...
    BTW, I got log d = 1.9892....
    hope yours was just a typo.

    On most calculators, use the 2ndF key

    on mine, I would press the following:


    to get 97.5545

    Without having to re-enter the 1.98...

    Here is the sequence of my keystrokes


    to get the 97.5545

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