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As Section 27.5 discusses, sound waves diffract or bend around the edges of a doorway. Larger wavelengths diffract more than smaller wavelengths. (a) The speed of sound is 343 m/s. With what speed would a 57.0 kg person have to move through a doorway to diffract to the same extent as a 146 Hz bass tone? (b) At the speed calculated in part (a), how long in years (365.25 days) would it take the person to move a distance of one meter?

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    λ(sound)= λ1
    λ (person)= λ2
    λ(sound)= λ (person)
    λ1= λ2
    λ1=v/f=343/146=2.35 m.
    v2=h/(m• λ2)= h/(m• λ1)=
    =(6.63•10^-34)/57•2.35 =4.95•10^-36 m/s.

    (b) t=s/v=1/4.95•10^-36=
    =2.02•10^35 s=6.4•10^27 years

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