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a projectile is thrown with the speed of 25 meter per seconds in a direction 30° above the horizontal.
-how high does it go.
-how long does it take to reach the maximum height.
-how long does it reach the Projectile along in the air.
-how far does it go.

  • physics -

    Initial vertical velocity component =
    Vy,0 = Vo sin 30 = 12.5 m/s

    Maximum height is reached when
    Vy,o = 12.5 m/s = g*T
    T = 1.276 s

    Maximum height reached = (Vy,0/2)*T = 6.25*1.276 = 7.97 m

    Range = Vo*cos30*(2*T) = 55.3 m

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