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Euphemisms: seek to mute the disagreeable aspects of something or to
emphasize its agreeable aspects

Advertisers, even the media, will use euphemisms to make unfortunate situations sound much more positive.

Some examples we hear almost daily include the following:

Downsizing/Rightsizing = Laid Off/Fired
Gone to a better place = Died
Wetlands = Swamp
Landfill = Dump
Sanitary Landfill = It’s still a dump
Big-boned = overweight
The Candidate Misspoke = The candidate has been caught in a lie
Pre-owned vehicle = Used Car
Quality pre-owned vehicle = Expensive used car
Certified pre-owned vehicle = Very expensive used car

What are other euphemisms you have heard in advertising or the media? Explain why the euphemism was used and its effect.

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    How should we know what euphemisms you've heard?

  • critical thinking -

    You don't seem to be learning anything in this class if you post this question here.

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