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critical thinking

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Please post a substantive response to the following discussion questions by clicking on Reply:

Think about the following stereotype. Would they invoke the same kind of
images for everyone? Which are negative and which are positive? How do you
think they came to be stereotypes? Is there any “truth” behind them? Please explain how you came to your conclusions. Also, be mindful of others in class.

1. soccer mom
2. Religious Right

3. dumb blonde
4. tax-and-spend liberal

5. homosexual agenda
6. redneck

7. radical feminist
8. contented housewife

9. computer nerd
10. Tea Partier

11. interior decorator
12. Washington insider

13. Tree hugger
14. frat rat

15. Deadhead
16. trailer trash

  • critical thinking -

    To me, all of these terms are negative.

    What do you think?

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