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Social Darwinists believed that
A) a large empire was the key to economic growth.
B) the best country would win any international competition.
C) each nation should be made up of only one ethnic group.
D) military might was the most important measure of a nation.

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    why is that? because i got C

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    What does your text say?

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    The countries who practiced "social darwinism" used it to form worldwide colony empires and justify their colonization. Thus, AFrica was divided up and colonized, as was the Asia, and South America.

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    Africa and parts of Asia were divided up without regard for the native ethnic groups. Many countries contained more than one ethnic group.

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    Social Darwinists believed that the best (i.e., smartest, strongest) people pervailed.

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    The majority of the wealth of the Byzantine Empire was based on what I forgot?

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