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How long must a current of 1.20 A pass through a sulfuric acid solution in order to produce 25.0 mL of H2 gs at 25 degrees C and 1 atm pressure?

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    moles H2: PV/RT solve that.

    Now for the charge per H2 molecule

    H2SO4+2H2O>>2H2 + O2 + H2SO4

    Each O loses two electrons, so each O2 loses 4 electrons, so then 2H2 gains 4 electrons, so each mole of H2 gains 2*avag number of electrons.

    Now, what charge is that?

    = 1.6E-19*2*6.12E23= ....

    current*timeinSeconds= charge above
    solve for time.

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