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Your sister owns a small clothing store. During a conversation at a family dinner, she mentions her frustration with having to manually track and reorder high demand items. She would like an automated system but has a very small budget.

Write a 4-5 page paper in which you create a plan for a low-cost automated inventory system in which you:

Describe all the necessary equipment.
Explain the costs involved in the creation of the system.
Describe the ongoing maintenance that will be required.
Provide a workflow diagram in Visio or equivalent software to illustrate how the system will work

you send me a link that gave me some help although i'm still having trouble regarding this question "Explain the costs involved in the creation of the system."

  • Computers -

    I assume you have read all the documents recommended to you by others on inventory systems.

    A flow chart is for describing logic in a program. A Gantt chart is for tracking progress in a project.

    For the cost, you would have to consider the costs for
    1. hardware (computer, screen, mouse, operating system, printer, etc.
    2. software, whether you purchase a ready-made inventory system, or you will programme one for her. In either case, you will have to figure out how much it is going to cost. Don't forget costs for anti-virus software.
    3. maintenance
    supplies like ink, paper, drums for printer, extra disk storage, computer upgrade and operating system upgrade, software upgrade.
    4. Setup costs: time required to customize the system for the user, enter parameters and data.
    5. Training and support costs: time required to learn using the system, debug system on demand. How critical is the response time. The shorter the response time, the more expensive it will cost.
    6. archiving: time and equipment required to backup the system and data at regular intervals.
    That should give a good idea of what the costs could be. The list may not even be complete, but should give a good idea what you should be researching for.

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