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1.The state highway patrol stops every 5th car on highway 210 to check drivers' licenses and registrations. Which sampling technique are they using?

systematic sampling -chose this one

convenience sampling
cluster sampling
simple random sampling
stratified sampling

2.You randomly select eight neighborhoods across Fayetteville and survey all residents of each neighborhood to find out how many pets they own. What type of sampling technique are you using?

cluster sampling - chose this one
simple random sampling
stratified sampling
convenience sampling
systematic sampling

3. A certain community college sent out surveys to all 70 companies in the area that had hired 2009 graduates of the college. Only 9 of the companies who received a survey completed the questions and returned the survey to the college. Based on this fact, identify ALL the misuses of statistics in the following statement:

98% of companies responding to the latest survey indicate that they are very satisfied with recently hired employees who are 2009 graduates of our community college."

The sample is not of sufficient size to be representative of the population of interest.

There is no misuse of statistics in the quoted statement. chose this one

The survey was only sent to companies that the college knew were very satisfied with graduates of the college. chose this one

The sample is possibly biased, since employers who are either very satisfied or very dissatisfied are more likely to respond to the survey than employers who are more neutral on the subject

  • statistics -

    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. Last choice is correct. Notice that surveys sent to "all 70 companies."

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