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Vectors and Scalars Graph
1. determine the total distance traveled and the displacement made.
A. 5.0 km 15 degrees east of north
B. 5.0 km 20 degrees east of south
C. 5.0 km east
D. 5.0 km 30 degrees south of west
E. 5.0 km 20 degrees east of south
F. 5.0 km 40 degrees north of west
G. 5.0 km 40 degrees west of south
H. 5.0 km 15 degrees east of north
I. 5.0 km 60 degrees west of north
J. 5.0 km east

  • Physics -

    Distance =50 km.
    Displacement = 0
    (we obtain the five point star)

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