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Fill in the blanks(which are numbered ) with t given words:
A. Obstruction
B. Cannot use hands
C. Rules
D. Conclusion
E. Shielding the ball

A. Number of players
1.Eleven to a side
B. Touching the ball
1. __37___
2. May use hand to drop ball
a. Cannot advance ball forward
C. __38____
1. explanation of rule
a. Player between opponent and ball
b. physical interference
c. _____39_____

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    Your post is really confusing. However, I'll try to check your answers.

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    Ok, so its like filling in the blanks of an outline. What I got was
    36. C
    37. E
    38. B
    39. A
    but b it didn't really made sense.

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    I think you're right, but I don't know about 39.

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