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Modern bowling alleys have automatic ball returns. The ball is lifted to a height of 2.50 at the end of the alley and, starting from rest, rolls down a ramp. It continues to roll horizontally and eventually rolls up a ramp at the other end that is 0.700 off the ground.
Assuming the mass of the bowling ball is 8.00 and its radius is 19.0 , determine the rotation rate of the ball during the middle horizontal travel.
Determine its linear speed during the middle horizontal travel.Determine the final rotation rate. Determine the final linear speed.

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    Dimensions must be provided with your numbers. Assume the potential energy loss in dropping 2.50 m (?) equals the kinetic energy gain (rotational plus translational)

    The 0.7 m rise at the other end slows the ball down, but is not needed to answer the question

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