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This is a lab called Enthalpy and Entropy of Borax Dissolution and I just can't seem to get the right answers... Please help me fill in the blanks

The _____ (acid/HCl?)is placed in the buret and the ____ (base/borax?) is placed in the flask beneath
the buret.

For this experiment bromocresol green is a(n) indicator and added to the _____ (borax/basic?) solution before titration.
The color of bromocresol green indicator is yellow when pH < 4, green when pH 4- 5.3 and blue in pH > 5.3.

The titrant volume when the bromocresol green changes color is called the _____.


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    I know I'm to help fill in the blanks but I'm a little confused. The last blank should be "end point." I think HCl is the first one, borax the second. Is this what you need?

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    Sorry, if I wasn't very clear. I've tried both acid and HCl for the 1st blank and borax and base for the 2nd blank, but still wrong. end point is right though!

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    Try it the other way around. You may have the acid in the beaker and the borax in the buret.l

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