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Can you check if the following passive tenses are possible? Thank you.

1) The roof was being fixed
The cathedral is being restored
My wallet has been taken
The dog is going to be taken for a walk
2) Who was America discovered by?
Was this CD bought by Jennifer yesterday?
I was sent an invitation
He will be offered a better position in the company
3) They are offering her a part-time job in London
He is said to be living in New York
"I feel very well." He explained that he felt very well.
4) Mary invited me to visit her one of these days.
Peter congratulated me on passing my driving test.
5) I remember leaving the keys on the table last night.He hurt his arm when he fell off his raft.
You shouldn’t worry about a common cold.

  • Foreign languages -

    The dog will be taken for a walk.

    By whom was America discovered?

    All the others are fine.

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