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A loaded truck is going at a speed of 36 km/hr and a car starts at point 3 km behind the truck with an acceleration of 2 m/s. when will the car overtake the car? What is the distance covered by the car before it overtakes the car?

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    acceleration has to be 2 m/s²(!!!)

    v1 =36 km/h =36000/3600=10 m/s
    at²/2 - v1•t =sₒ
    2 •t²/2- 10t=3000,
    t² -10t-3000=0
    t =10±sqrt(100+3000)= 10±55.68.
    t=65.68 s.
    s= at²/2=2•65.68²/2=4313.6 m.

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    thanx it really ate my head

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