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chemistry 1046

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Calculate the solubility (in grams per 1.00 102 mL of solution) of magnesium hydroxide in a solution buffered at pH = 9

the ksp of Mg(oh)2 = 2.06e-13

  • chemistry 1046 -

    ........Mg(OH)2 ==> Mg^2+ + 2OH^-

    Ksp = 2.06E-13 = (Mg^2+)(OH^-)
    For (Mg^+) substitute x
    For (OH^-)^2 substitute (2x + 1E-5)^2 [note: 2x for the Mg(OH)2 and 1E-5 for the OH^- concn of a soln with pH = 9
    Solve for x = solubility in mols/L, then correct that to mols/100 mL, then to g/100 mL.

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