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which of the following is a primary source

a. a newspaper article published in the 1980's that reports on an event in the 1880's
c.a recently published history book that cites diaries and letters from the 1880's
d.diaries and letters from the 1880's published in a recent book that is a collection of diaries and letters from the 1880's

what is the call number of the oldest copy of ellison's shadow and act
a.ps3555.L625 e6 1986
c.ps3555.L625 g6 1964
d.ps153.N5 E4 1964

which company publishes Pediatric Nursing
b.elsevier science publishers
c.jannetti publications, Inc.
d.royal college of nursing publishing company

which of the following sets of library of congress call numbers is in the correct order?
a.e88 g2512 s57 1998, e88 g62 d225, e88 g62 L166 1995
c.e88 g2512 s57 1998, e88 g62 d225, e88 g62 L166 1995, e88 g62 L45
e88 g62 d225,e88 g62 l166 1995, e88 g62 L45, e88 g2512 s57 1998

scholarly journal articles are written reporters experts in a subject field lower division college students

a strong search strategy for a search engine would include which of the following?
b.reading all the hits from your first search
c.using several synonymous terms in the search

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    Someone will be glad to comment on your answers.

  • research tech -

    no one has answered any of my questions here if so where or how would i find it

    Thank you

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