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In a hydraulic lift, the maximum gauge pressure is 16.70 atm. If the diameter of the output line is 24.6 cm, what is the heaviest vehicle that can be lifted?

The answer is 80400 N. How do I get this answer? Isn't weight measured in kg? Thank you in advance.

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    I have tried to follow the similar problem under the "related questions", but I get 5.29e+6 N from doing it this way.

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    Kg is unit for mass and Newton is the unit for weight.( weight is a force W=mg)

    Max. wt.that can be lifted = Pressure * area
    = 1.01*10^5*16.7*3.14*0.123^2 N
    =80126 N

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    Thank you!

    By the way, using 101325 instead of 1.01e+05 and using pi instead of 3.14 gives a more accurate answer.
    Using these values gives me 80425.39066 N, which rounds down to 80400 N.

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