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I left out these very last sentences on reported speech. Thank you very much!

1) “No, I didn’t break the vase.” (Mary/deny) Mary denied breaking ..
2) “I’m sorry, I broke the vase.” (He apologized for breaking the vase.
3) “ You should really read this book, Steve! (Sally/recommend) Sally recommended that Steve shoudl read that book. OR Sally recommended to Steve that he should read that book. (which one?)
6) “We went on a school trip today!” (Peter/tell/his mother)
Peter told his mother that they had gone ..... that day.
7) “ Yes, I ate all the cake yesterday.” (Peter/admit)Peter admitted eating all the cake the day before.
9) “Will your mother be at home tomorrow?” (Mary/ask/me10) “How about going to the cinema next Friday?” (Peter/suggest)
Peter suggested going to .... the following/next Friday.
“If I were you, I’d book for the play in advance.” (He/advise)He advise me to book for the play in advance.
12) “Oh, come on. Let’s go to the cinema tonight.” (He/insist) He insisted on going to the cinema that night.
13) “Keep off the grass!” (He/tell/me)He told me to keep off the grass.
She objected to travelling to London by train.

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    3. I'd write this: Sally recommended that Steve read that book. ("read" is subjunctive)

    In 9, I don't understand the phrase "book for the play." Explain, please!

    All the others are fine.

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