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Can you please check linkers and punctuation in this paragraph? Thank you very much Writeacher.

Complete the following short text with: and, but, so, because, when, while (I can't find an example of "while")

1) It was half past ten at night. Jane was in her bedroom (when) the doorbell rang. it was dark (so) she switched on the lights and went downstairs. She opened the front (but) there was nobody there. Nervously, she closed the door (and) went into the kitchen. She was scared because she was alone.
2) She closed all the windows (and) doors tightly. A few minutes later, she heard a strange noise in the garden. She looked out of the window (and) screamed (when) she saw what was outside.
3) Some very old women were jumping around. They were wearing big black hats (and) long black dresses. Just then, Jane remembered that it was Halloween.

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    All are fine.

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    While she saw

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