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I need serious help with week 7

  • Sci 230 -

    Week 7 comes after week 6 and before week 8.

    What are you talking about??????

  • Sci 230 -

    I am in week 7 of sci/230. And I need help with the powerpoint assignment and the paper that is due.

  • Sci 230 -

    Jiskha tutors have no connection wit any school, including Axia. We do not know what your assignment is.

    If you post your assignment and your questions about it, we may be able to help you.

  • Sci 230 -

    Oh ok.Week Seven you will create a presentation to explain the process of evolution by natural selection and describe how new species evolve in the Evolution assignment.Due tomorrow> The Physiology assignment requires students to make connections between the physiological adaptations of organisms and how they relate to the environment in which they evolved.

  • Sci 230 -

    How do new species evolve?

    What connections have you made between physiological adaptations and the environment?

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