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Thr figure below is made up of four congruent circles Each circle is tsngent to two of the other 3 circles as shown. If the radius of each circle is 6 units, what is the area of the shaded region inthe figure below? Express your answer as adecimal to the nearest hundredth.

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    I can't see a figure, but I assume the 4 circles are arranged in a square. Each circle has a diameter of 12 inches, so let's consider the 12" square forming one quarter of the figure.

    Area of square is 144; area of circle in square is 36pi. Each corner outside the square thus has area 1/4 (144-36pi) = 36-9pi.

    The center area, consisting of 4 of these areas, thus has area 144-36pi.

    SUrely the shaded area can be figured from these data.

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