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I left out the following sentences. Thank you, Writeacher

1) Transform the following active sentences into the passive voice using the personal construction
1) He sent me an invitation.
I was sent an invitation
2) They will offer him a better position in the company.
He will be offered a better..
3) They are offering her a part-time job in London.
She is being offered ....
4) They say he is living in New York.
He is said to be living in New York.

2) Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets
1) If I ....(know) the answer, I’d tell you.
2) If I win a lot of money, I ..(give) some to charity.
3) I would have told you her phone number if I ....(know) it.
4) I ... (drink) so much, if I were you.
5) I .....(take) the job, if the salary had been higher.
6) If I ....(get bored), I’ll leave the lecture

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    All look fine.

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