prealgebra/ check answer please

posted by toni

If 1,790 Mega Watts of power, out of the 3,000 Mega Watts generated by a power utility, reach the destination, what percentage of the generated power reaches its destination?

1,790 - 3,000 = 1,210

1,790 divided by 1,210 = 1.4

Answer 1.4% Unsure

  1. PsyDAG

    3000 is the generated power; 1790 is the amount reaching the destination.

    1790/3000 = ?

  2. toni

    Im getting 1.98

  3. Ms. Sue

    How can you divide 1790 by 3,000 and get almost 2?

  4. toni

    1.98 is almost 2. When I divide 3,000 by 1790 I get 1.67 plus a row of numbers after that.

  5. Ms. Sue

    Please read both my and PsyDAG's directions carefully.

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