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I left out these sentences. Can you please check them?

1) You bought a new pencil case, but it wasn’t necessary.
2) It wasn’t necessary for her to follow her father’s advice.
3) I’m sure he didn’t steal the money.
Is it possible for you to close the window? Could you possibly close the window?
4) I’m certain he robbed the bank. He must have robbed
5) It is possible that he will be invited to Peter’s wedding. He may be invited to ....
6) I’m very unsure if I will pass my English test. I might not pass my
It is probably too cold to go to the beach. It may/might or should be..
7) He is likely to visit us tonight/He will probably visit us tonight.
Maybe he will visit../Perhaps he will visit…. It is likely that he will visit us… He should visit us tonight.

  • Foreign languages -

    3) I’m sure he didn’t steal the money.
    Could you close the window?
    Please close the window?

    Everything else is fine.

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