Calculus exam review, PLEASE HELP!!

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find the angle between these lines

[x,y,z] = [3,4,1] + s[-1,5,-2]
[x,y,z] = [8,5,-9] + t[2,3,-6]

  • Calculus exam review, PLEASE HELP!! -

    recall that you can find the angle θ between vectors u and v using

    u•v = |u|*|v|*cosθ

    so, just plug and chug:

    -2+15+12 = √30√49*cosθ
    cosθ = 25/(7√30) = .652
    θ = 0.86 = 49.3°

  • Calculus exam review, PLEASE HELP!! -

    thank you !!

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