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the senior class at highschool a and highschool b planned separate trips to the local amusement park the senior class at highschool a rented and filled 5 vans and 8 buses with 357 students highschoolb rented and filled 10 vans and 5 buses with 285 students every van had the same number of students in it as did the buses find the number of students in each vans and in each bus

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    5v + 8b = 357
    10v + 5b = 285 --- > 2v + b = 57
    then b = 57-2v

    sub into the first
    5v + 8(57-2v) = 357
    5v - 16v = -99
    v = -99/-11 = 9
    then b= 57-2(9) = 39

    A van holds 9 students and a bus holds 39 students

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    Your post is too difficult to read because it lacks punctuation and capitalization.

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