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Please may you check my answers for a quote that says---> Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens.<--- My answer to that quote is this ---> This quote indicates that people with knowledge will give aedvices to people, and people that listens to the individuals are wise to do so. For an example, let's say the teacher is teaching the students new mathematics and Grammar. The teacher has knowledge of her studies when she was young, while the students are just starting to experience ideas of how to do the work sheets and seatworks. The teacher is speaking to the students, right? Yes. And the students are listening to the information the teacher is giving them so they could take notes or study after. That means the teacher has a knowledge again of teaching the students, while the students that are wise enough listens. Those students who aren't listening are not wise and they will not have that kind of wisdom the other students have upon their study or study skills. That is a kind of example of this quote. So whenever the teacher is talking, you have to listen to her/his words, no matter if the problem or speech is wrong or difficult, all it matters if you understand what's going on and learn about.

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    Please ans.! its due tomorrow.

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    Please help MS. Sue.

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    Your answer is good.

    The implication of this quote is that the wise person listens and learns.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue!! :)

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    You're welcome, Losa.

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