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A bicyclist starts from rest and accelerates at a constant rate for 15.0s. After 10.0s the bicycles front wheel is turning at a rate of 2.5 rev/s. The tire wheel has a diameter of 0.8m. A)Through how many revolutions does the wheel turn in the first 10.0s? B)What is the linear speed of the bicycle at 10.0s? C)How far down the linear acceleration of the cyclist at 10.0s?

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    ε = 2•π•n /t=2•π•2.5 /10= π/2 rad/s²,
    N= ε•t²/4•π= π•100/2•4•π=12.5 rev.
    v=2•π•n•R=2•π•2.5•0.4 =2•π m/s,
    a= ε•R= π•0.4/2=0.2•π m/s²

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