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physical science

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a ball dropped off a cliff and took 3.59s to fall to the water below. neglecting air resistance how far in meters did it fall how far is it down to water

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    at the top point
    0= vₒ-g•t1,
    t1= vₒ/g =34.7/9.8=3.54 s.
    h= vₒ•t1 –g•t1²/2=34.7•3.54 - 9.8•3.54²/2 =61.5 m
    t2=sqrt(2•h/g) =
    =sqrt(2•61.5 /9.8) = 3.54 s.
    Time upward =time downward!
    t =2•t1=2•3.54 =7.08 s.

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