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Thank you very much, Writeacher. I need to rephrase sentence 1. I also wonder if you could help me find online tests on verbs followed by the gerund/infinitive and on reporting verbs (possibly different from say, tell, ask). Thank you very much!

1) Briefly outline the main values on which Victorian society was based. Then explain the role of women and the Victorian view of the family.

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    1) Briefly outline the main values on which Victorian society was based. Then explain the Victorian view of the role of women and of the family.

    Make good use of all the information on this webpage:
    Both infinitives and gerunds and their uses are explained -- and there are quizzes here you can draw from. There are several links from this page to other pages with more examples, explanations, and quizzes. Take advantage of this incredible collection.
    This page and the pages linked from it are filled with good stuff you should use!
    This is one of the best collections of lessons, quizzes, etc., for various levels of English students.
    This website is mostly for students learning to write in English, but be sure to use the links at the right side of the webpage to find help with grammar topics tied to writing.
    There are all kinds of things here you can use, some of which are free (printable) and some of which aren't (prices given). Use the free stuff -- and/or draw from these to make up your own lessons and quizzes.

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