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Physics - Center of Mass

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A 32-cm-by-32-cm checkerboard has a mass of 120 g. There are four 19-g checkers located on the checkerboard, as shown in the figure. Relative to the origin located at the bottom left corner of the checkerboard, where is the center of mass of the checkerboard-checkers system?

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    The coordinates of the checkers
    2 (14;22)
    5(16;16) checkerboard
    x(cm) = {m•6+m•14+m•22+m•30+M•16}/{4•m+M} =
    ={72•19+16•120}/4•19+120 =16.78 cm,
    y(cm) = {m•14+m•22+m•10+m•30+M•16}/{4•m+M} =
    ={76•19+16•120}/4•19+120 =17.16 cm.
    C.M. (16.78; 17.16)

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