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Physics(Please respond)

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There is a rod that is split into two sections. The left side is copper with value of 390, temp of 100 degrees c and the length is 2m. The right side is silver, 420, temp 20 degrees celsuis, and length 1m.

I need to calculate the temperature.

390 X 1 X 100-t / 2 = 420 X 1 X t-20 / 1

Is this how I would set it up to solve for the temp?

Thank you.

  • Physics(Please respond) -

    What are your 390 and 420 "values" and what are their units?

    What temperature are you solving for? is this supposed to be a steady state problem?

  • Physics(Please respond) -

    I believe that 390 is the coefficient of thermal conductivity "κ" from
    dQ/dt = κ•A•dT/dx.
    The units of "κ" are watts/K• meters. Its value for cooper is 390.
    As for the rest I'm in complete accord with drwls: what temperature ....

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