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Physical Science

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1. You are assigned to take care of a patient who is scheduled to undergo a surgical operation. The doctor told you not to allow the patient to eat for twelve hours. How many minutes is the fasting period?

2. What is the density of a rock (in g/cm3) which has a volume of 2.5 m3 if its mass is 100 kg?

3. The proper dosage for drug X is 15 mg for every kg of body weight. If a patient weighs 150 lbs, how many grams of drug X should you give him?

  • Physical Science -

    1. 12h=12•60 = 720 min
    2. ρ=m/V=100/2.5 =40 kg/m³=0.04 g/cm³
    3. 150 lb= 68 kg
    15mg=15•10^-3 g.

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