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A solution of AuCl- is mixed with a solution of Sn2+ under standard conditions. What is the equation? the answer is
2AuCl4- + 3Sn2+ -> 3Sn4+ + 2Au + 8Cl-

how do i get this? ITS desperate... plz help me! THANK_YOU SO MUCH!

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    Is it AuCl4^- mixed with Sn^2+?
    As you have written it I don't know whether to start with AuCl4^- or AuCl^-.

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    Au has changed from +3 in AuCl4^- top zero in Au.
    Sn has changed from +2 to +4.
    I think the easy way is this.
    Au^3+ + 3e ==> Au
    Sn^2+ ==> Sn^4+ + 2e
    Multiply eqn 1 by 2 and eqn 2 by 3 and add.
    2Au^3+ + 3Sn^2+ ==> 2Au + 3Sn^4+

    Then add 8Cl^- to each side.
    2AuCl4^- + 3Sn^2+ ==> 3Sn^4+ + 2Au + 8 Cl^-

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