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I am sorry I posted this a few moments ago with the wrong name attached at the top I apologize.

I had these 2 questions that went with my earlier question.

Lee cada situación a continuación y, según el contexto, indica si el se o
nos significa each other o no.

5. Las abejas se orientan por el sol. Así saben
cómo regresar a la colmena.

6. Carlos no me cae bien, pero nos saludamos
cordialmente por cortesía.

I believe the answers are 5- no and 6-yes. Could you please tell me if I am correct? Thank you

  • Beginning Spanish-SraJMcGin -

    5. is ALSO "yes" because they find the way for themselves (orient themselves).
    orientar = to direct (someone else) but orientarse = to direct themselves


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