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The distance needed to stop a car (d) varies directly with the aquare of the speed of the car (s). If a car traveling 25 mph requires 0 feet to stop, how many feet will be required to stop a car that is traveling at 60 mph?

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    d = k v^2
    when v=25, d= 0 ????

    you see to have a typo .

    suppose you meant to type d=50
    50 = k(25)^2
    k = 50/625 = 1/25

    d = (1/25) v^2
    so when v= 60
    d = (1/25)(3600) = 144

    Once you have determined what your typo was, replace the 50 in my solution with the correct value of d

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    the stopping distance D varies directly with the square of the speed S. if a car traveling 50mph has a stopping distance of 250 feet, find the stopping distance of 60mph.

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    What is k in this solution

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