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CT - How does this graphic organzier suggest the importance of warfare in Aztec society? Give two examples.

answer - well... um.... it explain the aztecs from the highest to lowest

i need a bit help

this is the graphic org.:

chosen by nobles and priests to lead in war

priest - performed rituals, gaves advice, and ran schools
nobles - served as officals, judges, and governers

could become nobles by killing or capturing enemies

merchants - often acted as apies for the empire
artisans - passed skills on to their children

farmers - made up most of the population

slaves - were mostly captives or criminals

  • SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs -

    Four of those categories mention war or the results of war. What are they?

  • SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs -


  • SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs -

    Also -- slaves -- who were captured in wars.

  • SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs -

    so now i got 5 .... but i should write....

  • SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs -

    i need a bit help

  • SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs -

    You have the information. Now write the answer to the question in your own words. You're smart, Laruen! You can do it!

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