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What was World War 1 impact and aftermath in the Carribbean ?

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    Military Casualties of World War One
    figures reproduced below cannot be regarded as definitive but are a fair reflection of the scale of losses
    Country Dead Wounded Total
    Caribbean 1,000 3,000 - 4,000

    British Caribbean. Immediately after World War One, waves of working class unrest were felt throughout the British West Indies, but these subsided in the 1920s, as did the re-emergence of organised labour. In the 1930s upheavals affected almost the entire English-speaking Caribbean area (notably in Trinidad, St Kitts, Jamaica, British Guinea, St Vincent, and Barbados).

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    What is the source of your information, Laruen?

  • history- WW1 -

    i got it from a YA


    google - Aftermath of World War I
    rom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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