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Convert the base-ten number to a number in the indicated base.

12 to base six. I have no clue how to even do this. Help please?

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    Divide the number by 6 repeatedly until no remainder remains.
    The final quotient together with the successive remainders is the number in base 6.


    Convert 256 to base 6:

    256/6=42 R4
    42/6=7 R0
    So the base 6 number is 704

    Convert 15203 to base 6:
    15203/6=2533 R5
    2533/6=422 R1
    422/6=70 R2
    70/6=11 R4
    11/6=1 R5
    The base 6 number is 154215

    Just in case you need to know, to convert 154215(base 6) to base 10:

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