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There are two ways of learning in terms of the mathod; one is a serious formal way, and the other is an entertaining enjoyable way. Both ways have merits and demerits. To a low-level students, an entertaining enjoyable way seems to be much better than a serious formal way. However, to a high-lever students, a serious formal way is even better than an entertaining enjoyable way. I prefer a serious formal way to an entertaining enjoyable way especially if the level of the students is high. There are the reasons for that.

First, when students are focused in class, they can learn a lot of things from teachers. Especially, when students have aims and they are motivated, they can learn a lot in a serious formal way.

Second, students should understand what the teacher says. So in a serious formal way of teaching, they can understand what the teacher says. However, in a entertaining enjoyable way, the situation is different. Though students feel enjoyable, students are usually talkative to participate in the activities. They can learn some facts in an enjoyable way, but they can not learn a lot.

Last, if students have to lean complicated subjects, they should concentrate the teaching. If some students make noises and the environment is not appropriate, the lesson will not be effective.

In conclusion, when students learn complicated field of study, they should learn in a serious formal way. Especially when they are motivated, they can learn more effectively than an entertaining enjoyable way.

(Would you check the pasage and correct errors, please. Have a great weekend.)

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    Eliminate "a" in these two phrases:

    To a low-level students
    to a high-lever students,

    have to learn complicated
    they should concentrate on the

    students learn a complicated field of study,

    Thanks -- and I hope you have a great weekend, too.

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