English 7 - "Dear Reader" Letter Check

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Can you check my letter. It's a project for English. We are making our writing portfolios. I'm almost done I just have to do this.

Dear Reader,
This year I done some great improvement as a writer. I add great vocabulary in my pieces. When I'm reading, it improve my writing. I learn new vocabulary words while I'm reading. I improve a little when editing, but so far it's going good.
My favorite writing piece I done this year is my reflection essay "Vive la difference". This was one of the best pieces I ever wrote. The theme for the reflection this year was "Diversity Means...". The reason why it's my favorite piece is because I worked really hard in this piece. I bring the essay alive & explains how marvelous & a terrific program it is. I also include how we make a difference in our community.
In 8th grade I will continue to improve my editing skills. I'll try not to go off topic when writing (which happens sometimes). I will read more and more in order for me to improve my writing skills.
My 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Langenmayr is the BEST English teacher!!! She makes learning in this class FUN! Throughout the school year I read some interesting stories and learn some news things in this class. I did very well on the NYS ELA Exam (hoping I got a 4) thanks to Mrs. Langenmayr. I already know I'm going to do well in my English final. I'm looking forward for next year (hoping I'll be place in honors).

(my name)

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    Did you proofread your first paragraph?

    Here are the corrections for it:

    This year I made some great improvement as a writer. I added great vocabulary words to my essays. When I'm reading, it improve my writing. << This sentence makes no sense. I learned new vocabulary words while I read. I improve my editing a little. So far it's going well.

    The rest is better, but still you can improve it.

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    Thank You! :)

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    You're welcome.

    I goofed -- it should be I improved my editing . . .

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    yup because it's past tense, it's something i already did

    thanks! ;)

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    I think this is a really good piece of writing.

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