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Could you please check scientific English in this short dissertation? Thank you, Ms. Sue.

1) Conrad Waddington introduced the term epigenetics in the early 1940s. He defined epigenetics as ‘‘the branch of biology which studies the causal interactions between genes and their products which bring the phenotype into being”.
2) Over the following years, with the rapid growth of genetics, the meaning of the word has gradually changed.
3) Today epigenetics has been defined as ‘‘the study of changes in gene function that are mitotically heritable and that do not entail a change in DNA sequence.’’
4) Research into epigenetics has shown that enviromental factors affect characteristics of organism.
These changes are sometimes passed on to the offspring. Renato Paro, a professor for biosystems at the Department of Biosystems science and Engineering, does not believe that this opposes darwin's theory of evolution.
5) A certain laboratory strain of the fruit fly “drosophila melanogaster” has white eyes. If the surrounding temperature of the embryos, which are normally nurtured at 25 degrees celsius, is briefly raised to 37 degrees celsius, the flies later hatch with red eyes.
6) If these flies are again crossed, the following generations are partly red-eyed- without further temperature treatment even though only white-eyed flies are expected according to the rules of genetics.

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    4) environmental
    the characteristics of an organism

    5) which is normally . . .

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